East Kalimantan (Dayak Kenyah Borneo)

If you heard Dayak tribe, you may think that the tribe was deep accompanied by kalimantan jungle which is hard to enter upon. But not for Dayak Kenyah tribe, you just connected the north of Samarinda, East Kalimantan, the exact location was in the Pampang village.

Dayak Kenyah village is not too hard to get sticking together of. You dont have to climb or hike mountain or even travel through the jungle. This village by yourself very roughly 20 km from Samarinda and you can use motorcycle or car because the road is mild.

Actually, Dayak tribe who alive in the Pampang village is Dayak Kenyah sub-ethnic. Long times ago, this place was a jungle, but after Dayak Kenyah people (35 people) from Long Us village, immigrated, this are began to produce until now. Now, Pampangs citizen is approximately 1,000 persons. Even, they got protester culture form outside the village, the citizen yet withhold their tradition.

Dayak sub-tribe in all of Kalimantan are approximately 19 sub-tribe. Each sub-tribe has their own leader (chieftain) and has vary culture. Dayak Kenyah People in Pampang still money their ancestor tradition, such as weave, carve, and make some handicraft. There is after that Lamin (long residence, the Dayaks flaming). For tourists who hurting to attain some souvenir, they can but it from the seller who sell beads, wood statue, or key hanger in the region of it.

East Kalimantan (Dayak Kenyah Borneo)
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Every holiday, Dayak people celebrate many usual dance in Lamin, following Kancet Lasan dance, Kancet Punan Lettu, Kancet Nyelama Sakai, Hudog, Manyam, Pamung Tawai, Burung Enggang, and Leleng dance.
Every year they celebrate highly thought of ceremony, they called it Pelas or Alaq Tau. Youve got to be struck if you see it. Pelas is a ceremony to thank to God after harvest moon which is celebrate all June, but the date is always fiddle as soon as depend re the allowable hours of daylight.

The ceremony begins gone salutation from the chieftain in addition to continue considering empathy accomplish and Dayak Kenyahs customary dance. Those dancers were children and elders and often invited to perform their dance in Indonesian diplomatic such as Japan, China, USA, German, Switzerland, and auxiliary countries.

wanita dayak kenyah
Source images: www.melayuonline.com

Dayak Kenyah liveliness is just when totaling people. They knew technology and many of them operate on the subject of non admin company and running office. So, if you dont have much period to impression the original Dayak people, the Dayak tattoo, the Dayak long ear, Lamin and craved statue, you can ensue Budaya Pampang village in Samarinda. To arrive to the Budaya Pampang village, you have to rent a cab or you can use vehicles motor through Samarinda-Bontang high quirk. This culture village without help 5 Km from the high pretentiousness.
Here, you can appearance Lamin or Dayak tribe usual dwelling, highly thought of dance and Dayak Kenyah ceremony. Every Sunday you can see time-fortunate ceremony. It starts from 2 pm. Try to be harmonious if you interact minister to on them. If you bow to a characterize of the Dayak Kenyah elders who have long ear, they will ask you to pay them roughly 20,000  50,000 rupiahs.


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